The story begins on a small volcanic island located 1,230 miles North of the Equator.

On a tiny Caribbean island in the French West Indies called Saint Barthélemy. Today, the island is most commonly known as St Barth, a popular destination for the rich and famous. However, local population includes goats, pelicans, turtles, sailors, surfers, fishermen… basically all the people and animals that survive hurricanes and live on the island year round.

My name is Keefer Charneau, I grew up on the island walking around barefoot, speargun fishing, windsurfing and sailing, but always had a special interest in art. I moved to the United States when I was 14 to continue my studies and eventually pursue a career in graphic design. After spending over a decade in the United States I started longing for things nature, ocean and surf related. In 2014, I decided to join a crew of Caribbean friends on a surf trip to Indonesia. Upon my return I started applying my design skills to create KEEF studio.

Below a collection of photographs captured in St Barth.


KEEF Drop Camera

W I L D   W E S T   I N D I E S

St Barth Iguana

St Barth Parking Spot

St Barth Landscape

St Barth Pelican Dive

Piscine naturelles de Grand Fond St Barthélemy

KEEF ocean POV


KEEF Drop lense icon